Your perks as a community

  • Be displayed in our “#communities”-channel
  • Get access to a chat with all other community-leaders
  • Get your own /warp
  • Have a chance to get your own community role on Discord (soon… maybe)

In-Game requirements

  • Your community needs to exist for at least one month
  • There should be at least 20 active members*
  • The community leader(s) may have no ban on record
  • The community leader(s) needs to be playing regularly
  • If your community is a nation, you need to have at least one city in which community members can get a plot

Discord requirements

  • Your Discord needs to have a full set of rules or refer to our Discord’s rules. At least the following rules must be covered:
    • Treat everyone with respect
    • Be civil and use common sense
    • No NSFW
    • Speak English
  • If you decide to allow the use of strong language, you must add a warning about it in your rules channel, as it may not be appropriate for everyone
  • The leader(s) or other staff members of the community need to be reachable by the members
  • At least one member of the Vampirism admins needs to have full read access to all relevant channels

In case you’re not meeting the requirements

  • If you do not fulfill your most basic responsibilities as a community leader, that is, if you do not ensure that the rules are followed and if you do not provide a possibility for players to contact you, we will give you a single warning and, in case of another incident, we will revoke the community status and we will ban your community from re-applying for three months. This might sound harsh, but if you can’t handle your community and the responsibilities, you shouldn’t lead a community.
  • If the number of active members in your community falls significantly below the minimum requirement, we will give you one month to encourage more activity in your community. If you do not achieve this in time, we will revoke the community status until you meet the minimum requirements again. A new application is not necessary.
  • If your community does not have active players like a nation or city due to the nature of the community (e.g. arena, marketplace, etc.) but is still useful to players, and already known by some of them, the “active members” minimum requirement does not need to apply.