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Long Live Humanity

To protect all that there is and shall be, through democracy for humanity

Hunter's Voice Campaign

Convert others to Hunterism, away from Vampirism. Supports the Hunters, join the Democratic Hunter Empire.

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The world is full of Vampires. Some Vampires are good, some are egregiously evil. The ultimate truth is that creatures who sustain themselves on the blood of innocent, intelligent people like villagers are captured by a disease that can be cured. It’s not about purging and killing these creatures, it is about helping them to a more prosperous world for the benefit of all.


Official proclamations by the Democratic Hunter Empire.

DHE Government

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Any foreign group/government/community what interferes into Hunter’s politics, claims, and/or economy without DHE’s approval will be seen as a Declaration of War.

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The Democratic Hunter Empire is an organization consisting of Vampire Hunters both new and old.