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To protect all that there is and shall be, through democracy for humanity

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About The Democratic Hunter Empire


  • The Democratic Hunter Empire (DHE) is a democracy of Vampire Hunters united under a single Constitution and part of the Official Minecraft Vampirism Server.
  • The DHE Constitution, current leadership, banner, and election dates can be located within The Empire.
  • History of the DHE.


  • Recent DHE news can be located within the Welcoming Page.
  • World-Wide news can be located within the United Nations Discord Server.
  • Guide to leveling up to level 15.
  • Guides on how to do usually unobvious things in the Vampirism mod..
  • Enlisted Soldiers of the DHE. Any DHE members and Vassals may enlist and others may join the DHE Militia.


  • DHE Discord. Most communications are carried here.
  • Head of State and the High Council members.
    • Imperator Saxtreme: Saxtreme#1133
    • High-Council Kranzy: Kranzy#1373
    • High-Council xXvPendragonvXx (“Pendragon”): xXvPendragonvXx#1255
    • High-Council XxTomasVxX (“Tomas”): Tomás Valle#1051
  • The Webmaster, to be contacted when an issue is discovered on the Website.

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The Democratic Hunter Empire is an organization consisting of Vampire Hunters both new and old.