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Long Live Humanity

To protect all that there is and shall be, through democracy for humanity

Laws of the DHE

Proposed and enacted laws of the Democratic Hunter Empire

DHE Government

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Lady Justice

DHE Laws

“Laws are universal rulings directly below the power of the Constitution. Laws must be abide by all, conform with the Constitution, and not conflict with other existing laws.” - DHE Constitution

Military - Enacted

To organize and establish the official DHE military powers. Full Text
Military Law was enacted on 2020 May 16; 15 success votes.

Vassals - Enacted

To allow integration of Vampires who swear loyalty into the Democratic Hunter Empire. Full Text
Law of Vassals was enacted on 2020 May 30; 15 success votes.

DHE VE Peace Treaty - Active

To nurture rational relationships between two iconically different species, the Humans and Vampires, for peace. Full Text
DHE VE Peace Treaty was enacted on 2021 March 26; 9 success votes.

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The Democratic Hunter Empire is an organization consisting of Vampire Hunters both new and old.