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Policies of the DHE

Proposed and enacted policies of the Democratic Hunter Empire

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DHE Policies

“Policies are local rulings. Policy and policies can be created to outline a ministry or land to that of rules. Policies must conform with the Constitution and laws, to be abide to those the policy outlines for.” - DHE Constitution

Policies are governmnet-branch specific outlines for a bureaucracy or subsystems. The DHE government makes an effort to publicized policies for transparency. Policies denoted with [EXECUTIVE] are executive-branch policies, by the Head of State and not requiring legislative actions. Policies denoted with [LEGISLATIVE] are legislative-branch policies, by the High Council and not requiring referendum actions.

Policies have less requirements and relatively less impacts. Laws have higher requirements and higher impacts.

[Executive] Counter-Intelligence

To protect against foreign intervention and intelligence gathering. Full Text

[Executive] Propaganda

To supervise domestic and foreign distribution of news and keep the mind of mankind pure. FullText

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The Democratic Hunter Empire is an organization consisting of Vampire Hunters both new and old.