Please note, that this method is not recommended. You will need to update your mods & configs every single time we change something, while the modpacks are updating automatically.

Just a brief reminder: You don’t need to switch to this method, just because you can’t join the server instantly after an update – we put the server into maintenance mode for a moment to check that everything is working as it should. Also note, that CurseForge is always taking longer to update than the Technic Launcher, since their system is running checks for errors & licensing before distributing.

Click here to download the latest version of the modpack. File structure:

├── bin/
│   ├── modpack.jar (the universal Forge.jar for advanced use)
├── config/ (configuration files that should not be edited)
├── defaultconfigs/ (configuration files that can be edited, copy them to the config dir)
└── mods/ (the directory with all mods)

To connect to our server, use or