These methods are not recommended nor supported. You will need to update your mods & configs every single time we change something, while our official modpacks are updating automatically.

Warning: Don’t use PolyMC

PolyMC is a custom launcher for Minecraft that was forked from MultiMC over packaging/redistribution concerns. The owner of the project went rogue and banned all maintainers for being “radicalist leftists queer ideologists” because “he hates this shit”. The (sane) maintainers have teamed up to create PrismLauncher.

CurseForge API


CurseForge’s API is unreliable as of May 2022. Third-party launchers are partially disallowed and some mods may fail to download.

Launchers like MultiMC, PrismLauncher, GDLauncher and ATLauncher support CurseForge’s API for modpacks. You can import our modpack by searching for it, or by pasting the latest link (view version list).

Technic Launcher API

Launchers like MultiMC, PrismLauncher and ATLauncher support TechnicLauncher’s API for modpacks. You can import our modpack by searching for it or pasting the following link:

Technic Platform Format ZIP Import

Launchers like MultiMC and PrismLauncher support importing zipped modpacks in TechnicLaunchers format, without using TechnicLauncher’s API. You can import it by pasting the following link (or by downloading it and browsing to the file):


  • Click here to download the modpack as a .zip archive
  • modpack.jar in bin/ is the universal Forge installer
  • Move the remaining files & folders to your .minecraft/ dir