2021 has finally come to an end, and while it surely hasn’t been the easiest year for some of us, it surely was our most active year on the server yet. Let’s take a few minutes to sit down, lay back and take a look at what season three on the server had in store for us.

First of all, we’ve finally been able to update from 1.12.2 to 1.16.5 – this was probably the single most difficult thing to pull off since the reopening in 2019. We’ve had to completely redo the modpack and more importantly the plugins, since we’ve switched our server runtime along the way… I guess I don’t need to explain why the server has been offline for nearly two months.

Check out this amazing animatic of the major events from season three made by Spade:

We’ve also produced a short video with the server & player statistics:

For all of those who are interested in this season’s world:

If you just want to create a Minecraft world with the same biomes/generation you can use the following seed in Minecraft 1.16.5: -1554229705582251585

You can also download the entire world save and keep it for yourself! You may need a fast internet connection and a lot of space though: 23 GB download, 46 GB unzipped.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room:

No, we won’t upgrade to 1.17 or 1.18 yet. Of course, that’s because we require a special hybrid server runtime that tends to have way more bugs than a regular Minecraft server.

1.17 is seen as an intermediate version by most modders & players as well, so it’s likely that most mods and plugins wouldn’t get a lot of attention on that version. (Edit: Forge announced they’re already dropping support for 1.17 on January 14th)

1.18 on the other hand is very new and while running cutting edge software is probably exciting, we don’t want you to be the ones to suffer from uncountable random bugs that might brick the server.

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