Happy new year! Another year has passed, another reset has started.

Let’s take a few minutes, just like we did last year, to sit down, lay back, and take a look at what season four on the server had in store for us:

Server statistics

In 2022, we have seen

players from all around the globe.

You’ve been playing for





What the hell is wrong with you?

Most active players

1supermike19992 months, 5d 17h 53m 17s
2ReonVixen1 month, 21d 23h 48m 54s
3Agentmcchicken1 month, 10d 19h 25m
4OldHunterHenryk1 month, 3d 5h 42m 11s
5Bitul1 month, 1d 11h 4m 27s
6jjs45328d 23h 5m 26s
7LichKing821724d 18h 39m 23s
8Volqonah24d 13h 26m 21s
9LilCatGod15d 9h 55m 11s
10CrazyCazzies14d 4h 9m 4s

The seed & world download

Our world was generated using the following seed: -622143436618606669

As every year, you will be able to download the entire world, although you may need a fast internet connection and a lot of space.

Now, let’s talk about what comes next.

Last year, we didn’t update to 1.17, because it seemed to become an intermediate version in the mind of most players and more importantly, modders – which turned out true. We didn’t update to 1.18 either, because it was too new at that time and didn’t have everything we needed.

This year, it seemed like we could update to 1.19.2! And then Mojang released 1.19.3, with dozens of internal changes. Yay. Now Forge has decided to drop support for 1.18 entirely, and focuses on 1.19.2 and 1.19.3 – however, most modders will probably not support both versions for a long time because of their massive differences, and eventually shift their attention to the latter – which unfortunately puts us in the same situation as last year: 1.19.2 will probably not get as much attention as we thought, and 1.19.3 is still way too new.

I’m sorry to anyone who was expecting us to upgrade this year; I did too, and we will do our best to make the following season a blast, despite staying on 1.16.5 for (hopefully just) another year.

We’ll keep you updated on our process in the announcements channel on our Discord. Please don’t ask about it every other day.

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