The story takes place before the excessive vampirism, there were vampires, but they were not very powerful. Vampires did not have amazing abilities, they were humans, but different. They were faster, stronger, could fly for a while and drink blood. After many years, a vampire created the “Altar of Darkness”. A hard to obtain blend of the blood of humans and hunters was needed for this. The darkness covered the world. The vampire was smart, but she left clues hinting at the disappearance of people. More and more villagers noticed that people were disappearing.

A certain person had a missing brother who was a vampire hunter. He feared the worst. He learned as much as possible from his brother’s work and writings, collecting clues and tracking for days until he finally walked down a dirty wooden hatch and found himself in a dungeon underground. He looked carefully around the corners and was on high alert. He followed a strange gold-shimmering trail until it was clear to him that it was Pureblood. He heard strange hissing sounds and turned another corner behind which he saw a young girl. She looked like a normal girl, until she revealed her true form with a twitch. A terrible blood smeared face including teeth, as sharp as knives looked at him now. Trembling, he opened a bottle of blood, and before he knew it, the dark-shaped vampire took on a bat form. She had to be incredibly thirsty. He lured her along the way back to the village.
People finally believed they knew the reason for the disappearance of their people and received them with pitchforks. The vampire, still in her bat form and consumed by her thirst for blood, somewhat obliviously flew into a trap. The vampires did not know that one of their own was the cause of the trouble so they joined forces to free the vampire marked by darkness. When they arrived, however, the vampire had disappeared as well as the people who surrounded the trap, the only thing that was left in their place was blood. Blood had been clashed over the walls, it covered the floor and dripped from the sealing. The vampire hunters arrived, saw the blood and misunderstood the situation, thinking that the vampires caused all the blood and deaths, a battle broke out.

It was a gruesome fight and it lasted until only a few hundred vampire hunters remained, out numbered by thousands of vampires. For the vampires had gained the ability of regeneration. Both sides finally left the battlefield with shame, forgetting what had happened that terrible night. Since then, little blood has been spilled.
The vampire marked by darkness was never seen again. It is said that she became one with evil and brought darkness to the world. A forest forged by the darkness, in which ghosts and the dead live. The darkness spread and created countless underground dungeons with altars throughout the land.
The medieval town is still preserved thanks to the skill of the hunters and the strength of the vampires. Still many live there now, but both remembering different sides of what really happened. Yes they live in somewhat peace but nevertheless, both sides are ready to kill the other. Thanks to the hunters, the vampires have the opportunity to become human again. Some, however, still decide to remain themselves and stay as they are, remaining to their true nature.