The Vampirism mod has received a major update with version 1.9, which brings a host of new features, improvements, and changes. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in this update.

Reworked Vampire Forest

One of the standout features of version 1.9 is the reworked Vampire Forest. This area of the game has been overhauled to provide a more immersive and challenging experience for players.

(Weapon) Oils for Hunters

Hunters now have access to oils that can be applied to their weapons to give them extra bonuses. These oils can be gained by using various ingredients, and can provide effects such as increased damage, faster attacks, and more.

New Skill Tree for Lord Players

Lord Players now have access to a new skill tree that allows them to buff their minions’ stats and unlock new actions. The blood collection minion action is now locked behind a skill unlock. Players will now receive additional skill points to spend in the new tree.

Item Blessing for Hunters and Reworked Holy Water Crafting

Hunters can now bless items using a church altar. This involves holding down the right mouse button for a certain period of time. Holy water crafting has also been reworked to make it more intuitive.

Reworked Vampire Book Screen

The Vampire Book screen has received a significant overhaul in version 1.9. There’s also new content from community members Matheo, SpecialKrab, and CournBread.

Reworked Skill Screen

The skill screen has also been reworked, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for players.

Removed Obsidian Armor

In response to complaints about PvP balancing, Obsidian Armor has been removed from the game. However, this removal has been balanced out with increases to the Armor of Swiftness and Hunter Coat durability.

Added Crucifix for Hunters

Hunters now have access to a Crucifix, which comes in different tiers. This item can be held to push away nearby vampire entities. The Crucifix was created by community member Йода.

Reworked Vampire Infection

Vampire Infection has been reworked to provide a more engaging and interactive experience. Players will no longer automatically infect creatures. Instead, they must unlock a level 4 action to infect a creature.

New Decorative Blocks

Version 1.9 introduces new decorative blocks, including a Throne and a Vampire Rack, both created by community member BugraaK.

Minor Changes

The update also includes a number of minor changes, such as the removal of the Thirst Effect in favor of vanilla Hunger (mostly an internal change without any user-impact), reduced blood exhaustion in the Vampire Forest, and more enchantment options for weapons.

New Texture/Models

New textures and models have been added to the game, including a new Altar of Inspiration model by 1LiterZinalco, new Amulet and Ring textures by Eris, and a new Coffin model by Йода.

Visit Vampirism’s wiki to read the entire changelog.

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