Yes! After a little more than a month we’re finally back! And oh boy, we’re back with a lot of new things! Let’s take a look at everything that we’ve added!

The most requested mod addition

At some point we stopped counting and added a certain mod to our “common (declined) requests” in our suggestion channel. But you probably already know what I’m talking about:

We’ve finally added Cheaterpaul’s Werewolves addon for Vampirism.

As the name may suggest, it enables you to become a werewolf! There’s already a lot of content (eg. 14 levels & 5 lord ranks) and more updates are underway to add even more!

We (and Paul) are very interested about your feedback on balancing and ideas for the future!


This mod might also sound familiar to you, if you’ve played during season 2 (2020) – we’re finally bringing back Quark, with way more and improved content! In case you don’t know Quark: It’s basically a collection of all sorts of additions that makes you think “Why isn’t this part of Minecraft in the first place?”.

Just to name a few, and probably the most interesting examples:

1.18-like cave generation & underground biomes
New building/decoration blocks
New animals


A true classic: Use your XP to teleport to other Waystones. Now with more options!

Shops & Money

Yes. We finally added shops. And you can build your own shops as well!

Thanks a lot to Random2325 for the awesome coin textures!

And there is still way, way more to explore!

Toolbelts, Scuba Gear, Weather Detectors, Wind Chimes, Enchantment Runes, Glass Shards… the list could go on for ages. Now, grab one of our updated modpacks and join us!

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