If you read this, it’s likely because your staff application has been accepted. Be sure to check if you already have access to the staff channels on Discord after reading this!

A Brief Introduction

  • The first stage of the Helper rank is a trial-phase that lasts two weeks. If you misbehave or do any-kind-of-shit within this time, you’ll be removed instantly. After the trial phase you’re a “solid” Helper. To reach the stage of Trial-Mod you just have to be active on the server and help other users. We’ll notice.
  • If you’re offline for a few days it won’t be a reason for us to just remove you from staff, even while you’re on any kind of trial. Of course, if it’s like a week or a month without any further information we’ll probably remove you from staff and give you the option to reapply once you’re able to commit more time. So, please announce in advance that you are going on vacation or missing out on other reasons.
  • We sometimes need to work with – or talk about – “personal data” of the players. This can be their Dicord account, email address, entire chat histories or other information. Anything you know because you’re staff, regardless of how exactly you found out, stays inside staff. By leaking any personal data, you violate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSGVO) and make yourself punishable by laws in real life and will be removed from staff immediately.

Standard Punishments

  • Ban
    • Permanent (ban evasion, being banned for the second time, extreme cases)
    • Temporary
      • Class A: 30 days (when reaching 3 warns, cheating/hacking/xray)
      • Class B: 60 days (bad offenses, no insight, attempted deception)
      • Class C: 90+ days (extreme cases)
  • Warn
    • Permanent (bad offenses, no insight, attempted deception, cheating/hacking/xray)
    • Temporary (when breaking any of the rules and lower punishments do not apply, length depends on the offense, previous offenses, and whether it’s a repeated offense – if you don’t know what to choose, ask higher staff)
      • Class A: ~7 days
      • Class B: ~14 days
      • Class C: 30+ days
  • Mute
    • If a chat offense is so bad that a permanent mute would be appropriate, a warn or ban is actually more appropriate.
    • Temporary
      • Class A: 10-30 minutes (repeated caps, spam, ads, swearing)
      • Class B: X hours (mild insults and comparable)
  • Verbal Warning (= asking to stop, eg. small chat misconducts)

Keep in mind that this is just a small overview with a few examples, which should give you a vague idea how to react to someone breaking the rules. For example, if someone is just straightup racist or discriminating others in chat, tempban them and tell higher staff to adjust the ban to permanent.