The primary purpose of claims is to protect your in-game belongings from theft and unwanted interference. By creating a claim, you establish a designated area of land or property that only you (or trusted players) can build on, modify, or interact with.

You’ll start with a small number of blocks you can claim, which will continue to increase indefinitely by spending time on our server.

Claims are robust, but crumble a bit on modded servers. Any containers added by mods can’t be protected – this affects the gold-filled altar pillars from Vampirism, pantries from Farmers Delight and warp plates from Waystones just to name a few.
TL;DR: Keep your valuables in a regular chest.

Creating claims

  1. Before you can create a claim, ensure you have the necessary claiming tool: a simple golden shovel.
  2. With the claiming tool in hand, head to the location where you want to begin your claim. Right-click with the golden shovel to set the first corner of your claim. A message should appear, indicating that the first corner has been set.
  3. Walk to the opposite corner of your desired claim area. Make sure the area you want to protect is encompassed within the two corners.
  4. Right-click again with the golden shovel to set the second corner of your claim. A message will appear, showing you the size of your claim and associated claim block costs.

(We’ll add this section soon!)

Resizing claims

  1. Use a gold shovel to right-click a corner of your claim.
  2. You will see a message in chat confirming you’ve entered claim-resize mode.
  3. Then, walk further away from your claim to the block you desire to be the new corner of your claim.
  4. Right-click the block using the gold shovel.
  5. If you had enough claimblocks left, your claim has been resized!

Trusting other players

/trust <player> (highest trust level)

Gives <player> permission to build, break & use anything. Be careful of who you give this level of trust to.

/containertrust <player> (intermediate trust level)

Gives <player> permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, chests, animals, etc.

/accesstrust <player> (weakest trust level)

Gives <player> permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, etc.


Abandons the claim you’re currently standing in, removing any protection.

Tip: Use /abandonallclaims to get rid of all claims.