Don’t mistake this for safe & private messaging. Your traffic to and from the server might be end-to-end encrypted, but your messages are stored in plain text on the server’s storage as part of Minecraft’s log.

/msg <player> <message>

Sends the <message> to <player>, assuming they’re currently online.

Aliases: /whisper, /w, /tell

Tip: use /r <message> to quickly respond to the latest private message you’ve received!


The mail system is a communication feature that allows players to send and receive messages even when the recipient is offline. When the recipient logs in next, they will receive the mail.

For specific commands, please check the /mail system in-game!

/ignore <player>

Blocks the given <player>, preventing them from sending direct messages or mail, while also hiding any messages they send in public chat.

To unblock, use /unignore <player>.