Piklach, Pendragon and 1LiterZinalco have been discussing this topic. After going through all the messages written in this context, we came to the following conclusion:



This only suggests that she is willing to talk about a deal once a peace treaty with the VE is in place. The ineffectiveness of this statement is further illustrated by the messages that immediately followed in the channel.

This was not followed by a commitment from either side, confirming that there is no deal at this time.


Later on, Sephvyre was asked by Krab whether she thinks the proposed peace treaty is fair.

Sephvyre expressed her concerns about one section and commented that she thinks it is okay for the VE to give the 2nd Dragon Egg to the DHE if that is the price to be paid. This statement also in no way confirms that she is willing to let the DHE have her Dragon Egg. Moreover, since no deal has been agreed on earlier, the examination of this statement is actually unnecessary.



Sephvyre is proven not to have made any agreement at any time that could suggest that she would unconditionally hand over the Dragon Egg to the DHE in the event of a peace treaty with the VE.

Kranzy went off of assumptions and has simply assumed that Sephvyre agreed, without any actual substantiation to back it up.

Finally, since Sephvyre’s Dragon Egg is in no way mentioned in the peace treaty as a prerequisite, and Sephvyre wasn’t significantly involved in the drafting of the peace treaty, it retains its validity and cannot be withdrawn by invoking this event.

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