Happy new year! Once more, a year has passed, another wipe has started, with a new season approaching.

Let’s take a few minutes, just like we do every year, to sit down, lay back, and take a look at the wonderful statistics of season five on our server.

Server statistics

In 2023, we have seen

players from all around the globe.

You’ve been playing for





What the hell is wrong with you? That’s two more years than last season…

Most active players

1supermike19992 months, 5d 15h 2m 38s
2Agentmcchicken2 months, 1d 10h 16m 16s
3ReonVixen1 month, 22d 17h 54m 2s
4Kroetenbein29d 15h 3m 52s
5Dr_Fatuous28d 21h 30m 44s
6MOREPRO78926d 15h 17m 30s
7jjs45323d 17h 23m 8s
8Eve67823d 5h 39m 23s
9PNX_YanGamers21d 12h 18m 16s
10Volqonah20d 20h 24m 14s

The seed & world download

Our world was generated using the following seed: 4850554720057509363

As every year, you will be able to download the entire world, although you may need a fast internet connection and a lot of space.

Now, let’s talk about what comes next.

Last year, we didn’t update from 1.16.5, because Mojang’s release cycle and support from both Forge & mod developers made it hard to reach a consensus for a good version to focus on.

It seems that Mojang has found favour in developing more minor releases for the last major versions – within less than half a year, 1.20 has already had four small offshoots, with the fifth round the corner – but we’re eager to update from our good old 1.16.5 and rough testing already began a month ago.

We’ll keep you updated on our process in the announcements channel on our Discord. Please don’t ask about it every other day.

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