Although our file server is directly connected to the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, expect low downloading speeds due to multiple people downloading the file at the same time.

That being said, if you don’t need to download the world right now, please wait a few days. This download will take literal hours to complete (if you don’t have fast internet in general and a direct link to DE-CIX) anyways.

[spoiler title=’List of Mods’ style=’purple’ collapse_link=’false’]

You need the following mods to be able to open the world in singleplayer:

  • AutoRegLib 1.3-32
  • CIFV 1.6.2+02
  • GuideAPI
  • Hwyla 1.8.26.B41
  • JoshXmas 1.2.0
  • Quark r1.6-177
  • Sit 1.3
  • Vampirism 1.6.2
  • VampirismIntegration 1.2.0

Configuration files for Vampirism, Quark & co. are available down below and should also be used.

You can also download our and set up your own profile in the official Minecraft launcher parallel to your current installation in Technic Launcher or CurseForge, to be able to play in this world even after we’ve updated the modpack to newer versions.



Download World (.zip-archive)

~37 GB download size, ~53 GB decompressed


Download Configs (.zip-archive)