Why is the server lagging sometimes?

Minecraft is a demanding game written in Java, a programming language that wasn’t intended for games. Now, take the mods and plugins we’re running (on an experimental server framework) into account, et voilà!

Can’t you upgrade the server?

Our sponsor, Apex Hosting, already gifts us their best server with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, NVMe SSDs & up to 16GB DDR4 RAM and we’re very thankful for that, as that means that we don’t need to spend our own money on it, and more importantly, aren’t dependent on community donations, while still running on top-tier hardware that others dream of.

So you guys are just cheapskates?

We’re all volunteers. For the time and effort we put into this project, we get absolutely nothing in return. It’s our hobby, our free time besides our own life and full-time jobs – you are able enjoy what we do for free and are not in a position to demand anything.

By the way, all the “frills” like the website hosting, domain & Discord bot cost us just under 90€ a year, which may not be much, but is covered by me tacitly.

Then let the community donate!

As said earlier, we don’t want to be dependent on community donations. We also don’t want to deal with the legalities. Who would collect and manage the money? Should it have its own bank account? What about taxes? Should we establish a legal entity to be on the safe side in case someone wants to sue us? There would be so many contingencies to consider…

A collection of terrible people that we need to deal with regularly

▶ #1: Disrespectful behavior turns into blackmailing and defamation

▶ #2: Apparently our community and moderation is crappy, because someone doesn’t like the rules

▶ #3: How dare staff live in other time zones and have their own lives?